WE are the Citizens of Ukraine, scientists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, compassionate about other people’s suffering, activists who are devoted to their country. In 2007 we realized that Ukraine’s destiny depends on us, our active disposition, our ability to set and achieving realistic goals, our belief in its prosperity and that we are capable to change the world around us, making Ukraine a strong, economically developed European state and a socially responsible society.

Knowing that ahead we would face multiple obstacles, we saw humanitarian support to those in need as the only sensible form of being.  

2007 - 2010

Creation of the Charity Fund “Ukraine! I am for you!”


Initially our Fund is concentrating on fighting the consequences of Chernobyl nuclear disaster, specifically supporting medical institutions treating cancer patients, including National Cancer Institute, Center of Radiation Medicine, Kiev Regional Oncological Dispensary and many others. The Fund purchases diagnostic medical equipment used for detection of early stages of cancer, renovates the outpatient hospital building, donates medication and supplies for hospice patients. National Cancer Institute alone received over 1 million hryvnas (UAH).

Simultaneously our Fund offers help to Children’s and Maternity Hospitals that deal with issues of infant mortality and pathologies. Considerable support is given to Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology in a form of medical equipment for Laboratory of Cytology and Department of Pediatric Intensive Care. Similar assistance is extended to Central Regional and Children’s Hospitals in Shostkin, Regional hospital in Smelyansk, and Children’s City Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases and many others.

Since 2008 the Fund actively provides aid to homeless children and children living in orphanages through like city orphanages in Belaya Tserkov,

Ladyzhyn, Berdychiv, Chabani, Glinsk, Vyshhorod, Vasylkiv and many others.

In 2010 our fund receives international status.

2011 - 2013

Environmental protection becomes one of our key priorities during this period. The fund is engaged in many projects aimed to develop and landscape urban parks and squares, and clean-up of lakes and rivers in Ukraine.

In 2012 in cooperation with a French Company, Yeves Rocher, the Fund completes a large-scale ecological project “Let’s Make our Planet Green”, which involved planning of over 200,000 trees in Lviv region.

In efforts to fight pollution caused by automobiles, the fund launches a project “Buy a Car – Plan a Tree” and plants sakura trees, oaks, sequoia, linden trees and installs lawns and arranges flowerbeds, which not only make our city more beautiful but all contribute to improving its air quality.

2014 - 2015

Everybody knows that Ukraine is resisting an external aggression, fighting for its independence. During this time the Fund’s top priority becomes support of Ukrainian Army and other organizations, which stepped up to defend Ukraine’s independence.

In June 2014 the Fund together with a volunteer group “Come Back Alive” launches a charitable project under the same name. We help Ukrainian soldiers by providing them with supplies that government cannot supply: securing devices, equipment, clothing, footwear, food products, etc. This support helps save lives and improves living conditions for Ukrainian soldiers during the war.


In July 2015 the Fund initiates a large-scale fundraising project organized on a web-platform “Murahy.com”, primarily aimed at supporting the army and the people affected by hostilities in the eastern regions of Ukraine.


  • During the same period the Fund launches “World! I hear you”, a project created to support children with hearing disability treated at the Center SUVAG that received portable audio meter used for early hearing loss detection. The fund also puts on a training event covering audio-verbal rehabilitation of the children treated at the Center.


  • The fund also focuses on helping seniors. Beautiful project titled “Livelong Love” was dedicated to senior couples who were married over 50 years and were able to preserve love for each other. Participants were invited to a concert where they were awarded valuable gifts. Some couples were given the opportunity to complete a wellness course at a sanatorium and receive the necessary medical care.


  • The Fund also looks after our talented youth, which with its support was able to participate in the competition in physics and mathematics held in Kazakhstan and a competition in physics held in Austria. Ukrainian students won 2 gold, 4 silver and one bronze medal.
  • “Run of Peace” was an important project during this time period. Its first stage took place between March and May 2015.

12 Ukrainian athletes ran across a number of European countries to promote the idea of PEACE and express gratitude to Europeans for their support of Ukraine.

Our project “Run of Peace” received one of the most prestigious awards “Peace and Sport” in the category “Event of the Year” presented by the international organization “L’Organisation pour la Paix par le Sport” and under the patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco.