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Our help to children with hearing problems continues

For any parents, the child’s first words are priceless, especially if the child has hearing and speech problems.

More than a year ago little Nastya was completely deaf. Today Nastya is able to tell her mom that she loves her and is able to respond to mom’s questions. Nastya is regaining her speech with help from specialists like speech therapist, rhythmologist, and many others.
Last week, on March 12th, Nastya along with 24 other children who recently underwent cochlear implantation surgery gathered a at health center “Dachny” in Volin region to participate in our second health camp «Verba» organized by our International Charity Fund “Ukraine, I am for you!” with support from center “Suvag”.
In the course of 14 days camp specialists will be working with children in groups and individually. Rehabilitation activities will include massage, art therapy, hippotherapy, music therapy, Montessori therapy and many others.

On March 13th children and their parents attended a seminar “assistance for children with cochlear implants”, during which hearing and speech specialists from the Kiev-based center “Suvag” shared best practices in rehabilitation of children after cochlear implant surgery. The day concluded with prophylactic treatments for children followed by art classes and cartoons.
Exposure to art unites children, promotes communication skills and positivity. Together with their parents children completed their masterpiece, a drawing of a giant clown. Every day our young learners gain knowledge and develop new skills to make them more independent in the future.

We thank YOU, our sponsors, for your generous contributions, and for responding to our fundraising requests.

Our project continues, and 125 more children who are waiting for the opportunity to go through post-surgery rehabilitation program, still need our help.

Our next rehabilitation camp is scheduled to take place in September, 2018. It will be yet another valuable opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children hoping to live happy healthy and independent lives. We will be very grateful for your continued support!