подивіться наші останні заходи

There are more healthy and happy children

Our latest health camp, Verba-3, organized for children experiencing hearing loss has finally come to an end. Held at a health center “Dachny” in Volin Region between Oct 17th and Oct 30th, Verba-3 brought plenty of learning opportunities and joy to 25 young participants and their parents who travelled to camp “Dachny” to undergo rehabilitation. Every child has completed an individualized rehabilitation program.
Aside from doctors teaching individualized curriculum, there were a few unusual doctors: dogs and horses. Communication with animals had a calming and stabilizing effect on children’s emotional state and fine motor skills.
At camp, Dasha became good friends with horse by the name of Mary. Together they went on daily walks. Kostya made similar acquaintance with another friendly dog by the name of Mars. Outside of the classroom, children spent their free time drawing and participating in athletic activities. Volunteers organized a concert for children, inviting singers and clowns who created a truly festive atmosphere for children. Each child received a toy and some sweets as a present.
In 2018, 116 children underwent cochlear implant surgery in Ukraine. While 74 of them have been rehabilitated at our camp, 42 children are still waiting for their chance to attend our next camp to take place in April of 2019.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to you, our generous donors, for your continuous support.