Environment and Ecology

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources sees current state of the environment as catastrophic: Ukraine retains 30 billion tons of waste, of which 5 billion tons are highly toxic, more than half of Ukrainian land is experiencing erosion, excessive industrial pollution reduces the life span of Ukrainians, who live in medieval times, not knowing what they drink, eat, or breathe. Such ecological crisis calls for a new information policy which will promote public awareness of the current situation. The lives and health of our people depend on resolution of environmental problems. Our team considers this task a high-priority. Furthermore, the Fund promotes the formation of new ecological culture by creating educational videos and attracting youth to eco-projects.

Orphanages and Boarding Schools

Tens of thousands of Ukrainian children live without adult care or government support. Orphans, boarding school students, and homeless children are all children of Ukraine – our children. Unfortunately, oftentimes our government is unable to satisfy their basic needs or to protect their basic rights. As the situation in Ukraine is getting more difficult, the problems of orphan children become secondary. The Fun actively supports orphanages by providing them with necessary supplies, assists with building maintenance, training, holiday performances.

Defense capabilities and readiness

In the course of last year the subject of defense readiness of Ukraine become a priority. Our country’s independence was under threat. Both soldiers and volunteers stood up to defend their motherland. It became apparent that Ukrainian army was completely unprepared for war: soldiers lacked body armor, uniforms, and shoes, while weapons were in disrepair or obsolete. Patriotically driven Ukrainians organized volunteer battalions, which are in need of clothing, food, and body armor. Unfortunately, our government left to deal with the economic aftermath of its prior rulers is not able to meet the needs of its soldiers. In this situation we cannot help but get involved. Our Fund along with charity fund “Come back alive!” offers aid to solders fighting in the eastern regions of Ukraine. We have already shipped large quantities of live-saving body armor, kevlar helmets, uniforms, shoes, sleeping bags and pads, flashlights, as well as important military equipment like night vision and thermal vision goggles, binoculars, radios, etc. Furthermore, the Fund helps wounded soldiers, and families of fallen heroes, who died defending the independence of our motherland.

Humanitarian Support for Internally Displaced Persons

The inevitable consequence of any war conflict is the suffering of innocent civilians. Ukraine found itself unprepared for a humanitarian disaster of this magnitude and lacked experience in managing crisis of this type. Our Fund supplies internally displaced people from the eastern regions of Ukraine with household items, food, clothing, and medical supplies. A special attention and care are given to children, who through Fund’s initiatives are able to spend time in summer camps, attend concerts and receive holiday presents.

Senior Citizens

We often see seniors selling flowers, matches, or books near subway stations or busy cross-walks. Many chose this as a next best alternative to begging. Nowadays pensioners are the most vulnerable part of society. Many cannot afford adequate nutrition, utility payments, medications, or clothing. Through our social projects we hope to light up their difficult lives, give them hope and comfort, as well as draw government’s attention to the unfulfilled needs of senior citizens.

Children’s Medical Centers

The lack of necessary medical equipment or medication cannot be compensated with skills or determination of Ukrainian doctors. Low birth rates and high mortality rates, increase in the number of people with disabilities does not complete the list of issues that our children are facing. Recognizing the dire state of affairs, the Fund focuses on providing access to high quality medical assistance for children and on bringing the general level of medical care in Ukraine to its international standards. Our projects are designed to highlight the importance of this cause and to appeal to social activists and state government with the request for financial support for institutions delivering medical care to children.

Talented Youth

The future of Ukraine entirely depends on our support of its talented youth. One of our most valuable resources is our human potential comprised of educated, independent-thinking, and strong-wiled people. Our Fund is involved in activities aimed to develop artistic and professional talents in Ukrainian youth by overseeing youth art competitions, helps young students attend international academic competitions.

Sports and Healthy Lifestyle

Our team takes active part in popularization of healthy lifestyles across, by equipping sports grounds near apartment buildings and in urban parks with modern equipment and structures.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts play an important role in formation of Ukrainian world image that is formed not only by political figures but also with cultural and historical heritage of the country. Let us not be an unknown Eastern European state. Our Fund is actively participating in international competitions and exhibitions, cultural and educational events. Furthermore the Fund is starting to work on revival of architectural monuments of Ukraine.