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Charitable project #forUkraine

Charitable project #forUkraine       HELP UKRAINE ! Aims: 1. Treatment and rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians wounded during the war in Ukraine, primarily children. 2. Assistance to refugees and victims of the war zone in Ukraine, as well as the families of those killed in the war. 3. Revival of Ukraine and renovation of its destroyed infrastrukture.   15

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There are more healthy and happy children

There are more healthy and happy children Our latest health camp, Verba-3, organized for children experiencing hearing loss has finally come to an end. Held at a health center “Dachny” in Volin Region between Oct 17th and Oct 30th, Verba-3 brought plenty of learning opportunities and joy to 25 young participants and their parents who travelled to camp “Dachny” to

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Our help to children with hearing problems continues

Our help to children with hearing problems continues For any parents, the child’s first words are priceless, especially if the child has hearing and speech problems. More than a year ago little Nastya was completely deaf. Today Nastya is able to tell her mom that she loves her and is able to respond to mom’s questions. Nastya is regaining her

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Learning to Hear and Speak

Learning to Hear and Speak By Larisa, Project Leader When a child is diagnosed with a hearing loss, the hearts of his/her parents are filled with pain and hopelessness. So were the hearts of Vlas’ parents after they learned that their baby boy was born deaf. They had to decide between enrolling their son into a boarding school for children

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We are GlobalGiving partners

We are glad to inform you that we are recognized as GlobalGiving Partners! Check out our project at http://goto.gg/28081 

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Project «World! I hear you!»

Project «World! I hear you!» Rehabilitation for 25 deaf Ukrainian children             ICF “Ukraine! I am for you!” in cooperation with NGO “Grow Healthy”continues to raise funds for the charity project “The World! I hear you! “. This project will allow 25 deaf children who have recently undergone a cochlear implant surgery to get their hearing and

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The “I give paw and heart”

The “I give paw and heart”           In March, started the charity project “I give paw and heart,” aims to help the animal shelter “SOS”, in the village. Pirogovo, which houses about 1,000 dogs and 200 cats.        The project aims to draw public attention to the problem of stray animals. It is believed that taking care

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